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Thank you for visiting, SRTB's new webportal to what's happening in the Square Dance World of Northern California.

From Sacramento to San Jose, here, we hope to bring to you the most up-to-date information available. As of April 2010 we now can accept electronic and credit card payment online through PayPal at no additional cost to you! See the "Subs & Ads" page for details!

For those of you who are looking for effective ways of new dancer marketing, we have added the Henzel Plan and the Timberline Toppers marketing plan to this site. You can download them from the Education button at the top of this page.

From time to time people have asked us what the letter and date at the top of the label means. We use a simple single letter system to identify the type of subscriber. Here is how we catagorize our subscribers:

AAdvertisement or Cut Sheet Issue
CComplementary Issue sent at no charge because of their service to our activity
EExchange Issue. For publications that we exchange information with
RRegular subscription

The date shows the actual day the subscription ends. On this day you will receive your last issue. We try to stamp the words "Time to Renew" on the last issue and the previous issue.